OK, so I’ve been using this term around my peeps and they seem to love it. When you see a smokin’ hot ass chick, you wanna “Knock It Up To Lock It Up”. This essentially means she is so hot, you’re bangin her sans rubber to try and “bust up in that impregnation tissue” as my friend says. You’re trying to “Knock Her Up” in order to “Lock Her Up”. Everyone wants a hot ass wife and what better way than to impregnate a chick. In the future this hashtag will be used to represent hot ass chicks, but in the meantime enjoy some hot pregnant women.

29799_439919642736812_1006147706_n Anna-Saccone-Pregnant-35-We Brooke-Burke-sexy-Prengant mybb013 o-JENNY-FROST-570-e1386395321111 sexy pregnant teen sexy_pregnant_g8 sexy-pregnant-babes-5 th What_Babys_Do

Like I said, in the future it will be used more like this:


Here it is used in a sentence, “I would love to explode up inside that to #KnockItUpAndLockItUp”.

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