God Bless Sully

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of Chesley Sullengberger’s legendary landing in the Hudson. I have proclaimed him as the Greatest Living American and see no reason to refute my claim. He saved 155 passengers and crew when most pilots would’ve bent over and kissed their asses goodbye. Fuckin’ boss.


Here’s some more ‘Murica for your ass.

120529-usa-bikini AlbumArt_{D53B270B-0E97-4F22-8E1C-2797A4C7CF6E}_Small cleavage-13 heidi-montag-american-flag-bikini hq-dars-282 j-simp-bikini kYTkVTB n65Tg0S sexy-us-flag-bikini-babe USA-Bikini-8

And this…zlast

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