Ay! Los Gingers!

Japs and Russians might be crazy, but Gingers have no soul. It’s a fact. My boy, the Orange Hammer is a Ginger, so I can speak with first hand knowledge. Check these Gingers out.

7df9f817d205x811.jpg 899f8a1e3c79738fa39712ca986c88e7 ginger-574x630 ginger-bread-man-funny ginger-kids-01 ginger-kids-demotivational-poster-1218908340 Gingers gingers_o_1176882 kick-a-ginger-day-victim morning-awesomeness-3 myth-and-fact-about-gingers_large proof-that-satan-is-a-ginger-evil-best-demotivational-posters

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