Cats & Dogs Cause Some People Like Cats & Dogs

Sometimes I stumble across funny pics. Sometimes those pics are of cats and dogs. Sometimes I repost those pics of cats and dogs. Sometimes you enjoy them too. Most times, no.

600_spoiled-dogs-nowadays-26482 55821-wind-up-dog_o 56099-om-nom-nom_o 56104-win_o 56563-attack-of-the-giant-cat_o Batman_Cat C899nMf cool-animals-pets-0 dog-wins-in-the-end-27270 funny_animal_pictures_6 Gfs6zyF i-dont-think-a-gif-has-ever-made monday-mornings MUHFnKa RfCzuXF Sbdxjly this-one-needs-an-ultra-25137

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