Fail Friday

I still feel like I’m gonna shit myself, but at least it’s Friday. Islanders/Rangers tonight means I’m getting wasted. Hopefully I see some hot ass bitches at the bar.

0tLlNAX 600_best-prom-portrait-of-all-time-y 56339-fetus-deletus_f 56341-i-rest-my-case_f 56395-dafuq_f 56397-sold_f 56398-brace-yourselves_f 56442-caption-this_f 56443-when-you-see-it_f 56445-this-scares-me-a-lot_f 56449-epic-fail_f 56450-fail_f 56453-it-s-true_f facepalm_pictures_17 five-years-ago-today-some-crazy- FWinter H8WGUbR jCWWBX1 wG7rfbY you-shall-not-pass-26926

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