Whack Off Wednesday

Here we are, Hump Day. Half way through the week. I need this weekend bad. I need to get shitfaced wasted like it’s my job. But it isn’t. My job is putting up hot ladies for all of youse to ogle. This week’s featured pornstar is one of my all-time favorites. I know it seems like I say this every week, but this girl is definitely top tier. Audrey Bitoni. Beautiful eyes, sexy ass face and the biggest non-ridiculous looking cans in the game. I would go to town one of those titties and cum before I even got onto sucking the second one. Every Wednesday, without fail, I do one of these Whack Off Wednesday posts and then, after searching for all these different pornstar pics, I immediately jerk it. This week will be no different.

Twitter: @audreybitonix

Website: www.audreybitoni.com

00_299x372 600full-audrey-bitoni 43133 44989 44994 49242 60914 61239 1252333809_audrey_bitoni_prison_bre AudreyBitoni

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