Midweek Fail Dump

Lots of fails this week and I know you don’t wanna wade through 100 of them on Friday, so here’s a duuuuuummmmppppp. p0wned and dusted, dirty diaper mustard.

3IKhME32 600_a-friend-just-put-this-on-fb-it- 600_best-senior-quote-25960 600_how-to-be-a-problem-solver-25950 55917-epic-fail_o 55930-win_f 55931-seems-legit_f 55936-kinky-katie_f 55938-your-favourite-fun-fact_f 56011-edwin_f BrNXrsx dma-01 dma-81 dont-want-19 flashing santa jeHl4w5 lec6JFh NgGLf9W2 nwrBWAY pyqtppN rescuing-deer-from-pool-nope-263 santa claus wastd santa claus weed santa epic fails santa fail vd4VfP7 well-oh-yep-there-goes-my-beer-2

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