Paulina Gretzky Cause It Might Get Baby Joonz in Trouble

So here I am, fulfilling another request from a dude over in the SnB Corporate Offices. My dude Baby Joonz asked for some pics of retired hot mess Paulina Gretzky. She used to be crazy, but Baby Joonz says she has settled down. Me, I’m always down for the crazy ass bitches. Check her out and if you feel the need, grab a box of tissues.

5785021 5785035 f3248898f45311e182c522000a1cdf5f_7 original paulina5 paulina-gretzky paulina-gretzky-46 paulina-gretzky-bikini paulina-gretzky-green-bikini-grown-ups-2 paulina-gretzky-instagram-01_original paulina-gretzky-twitpics-46_display_image

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