F Sports

Alright, so now I’m getting pissed. The G-Men are eliminated last night, the Knicks are hot garbage and the Isles are bombing out. Looks like it’s gonna be a long winter on the XBox rather than getting shitfaced watching sports. I still can’t believe the Knicks re-signed J.R. Smith. That’s their first problem. Sure, he had a great regular season last year, but that’s really the best you could have ever expected out of him. I said it before the playoffs last year, and it seems to have rung true. J.R. Smith may win you a game or two in the playoffs, but he’ll shoot you out of three or four, going 3 for 21 or some bullshit. Stupid ass shots. Just dumb. I don’t know what their problem is exactly, as I am more of a fan than an actually knowledgeable basketball person, but let’s go.


As for the Isles, JT is a boss, but GM Garth Snow is garbage. What qualifications does he have? That Vanek trade was garbage. Both he and Moulson are free agents at the end of the season, so why go breaking up the chemistry when we were hot to start the season off. But the real problem is, we need a goalie. Nabikov may be hurt, but he was never the answer. He let up some ridiculous goals. I like Poulin as a backup, or even Nabi as a backup, but we need a real deal goalie to get it going. Neither of those guys can stand on their heads and just take over a playoff series. Weak ass bullshit.

Rant over. F sports.

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