Eliza Dushku Cause A Ginger Gets What A Ginger Wants

This SnB posts goes out to the Orange Hammer cause when a man with no soul makes a request, you fulfill that request (no homo). Eliza Dushku is one fine bitch. I remember her from her days on Buffy when she was the bad girl and then in the movie “The New Guy” where she is oozing sexiness. The only problem I have is that she’s dating Rick Fox, formerly of the LA Lakers. I mean, come on. That dude probably has a monster hog. Following that up would be rough. Tuna can length, tuna can girth.

2007-04-05_201936_ElizaDushku-topless02 E_Dushku__New_Guy__016 E_Dushku__New_Guy__018 E_Dushku__New_Guy__021 ElizaDushku_0014 Eliza-Dushku-003 eliza-dushku-8-3399 eliza-dushku-010 eliza-dushku-11 Eliza-Dushku-eliza-dushku-24637829-1024-7681 Eliza-dushku-leather_dollhouse_echo eliza-dushku-summer-soiree-sexy-image

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