Phat Tuesday

Sorry I’ve been gone so long, but I do have somewhat of a life besides this blog. I’m back in action with no future vacation plans until January, so you should have plenty of shit to keep you busy for the next month and half or so. Enjoy these hot ass chicks and remember, if you get a boner at work, tuck it up into your belt buckle to hide it.

EXCLUSIVE: **PREMIUM RATES APPLY**NO WEB UNTIL SUNDAY 1ST DECEMBER 2013 1.30PM PST**Heidi showed off her stunning figure in a bikini following her recent breast reduction surgery 600_heather-graham-25240 600_jordana-brewster-25171 600_katherine-heigle-25134 600_lindsay-lohan-at-her-peak-25202 600_miley-cyrus-before-cutting-her-h 600_nina-dobrev-25148 flbp-women-0 flbp-women-35 kahili-blundell30

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