Cats & Dogs Cause People Like Cats & Dogs

My dude Russ requested more cats on this God-forsaken website. He also requested more blogging, but ain’t no one got time for that. Cats, I got time for though…..

5XmLN-1 600_fuck-wind-23467 600_ruski-cat-24182 55144-take-that-sophisticated-cat_f 318543401_9617167bec cpLT6MJ cute_animal_pictures_28 cX4PqrA fat-cat-jumps-for-a-feather-2444 funny-cat-guitar-white-sleeping-1 lunchbox Q0F0lLx quotplease-can-i-have-somequot-2 such-dance-22166 tumblr_mwj28wRjne1qabe6do1_250


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