Carmen Electra Cause She Gets Me Hawny

Mmmmm Carmen Electra. When Jenny McCarthy left Singled Out it was a sad day. I loved her bubbly personality and most of all her huge cans. However, she was replaced by the one and only Carmen Electra. She’s a goddess. Sexy eyes, big ol’ titties. Perfect package; except for the whole banged by Dennis Rodman thing. Nonetheless, look at these pics and consider a jerk sesh.

315_Sexy_Carmen_Electra_Pictures-252.jpg_Carmen_Electra_97 20081122-2 carmen_electra_pinup_by_solarchopper-d4s0r9f carmen2711920x1440 carmen-electra-sexy-outfit f3eddc473f469ea5a8eef3de4a86c1ee (1) f3eddc473f469ea5a8eef3de4a86c1ee sexy_carmen_electra_looks_1787 CARMEN ELECTRA SEXY PHOTOSHOOT

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