Emmanuelle Chriqui

So I got wasted last night and woke up at like 4am. I turned on the TV to find some crappy Edward Furlong movie that was like the Crow Part 5 or something. Bright side was that Emmanuelle Chriqui was in it. She isn’t in much, but she’s a fuckin’ smokeshow. Like, I’d love to get a spoon, some milk and some Cocoa Puffs and eat cereal out of her asshole. That’s how hot she is. Need proof? Here.

Emmanuelle Chriqui 6 Emmanuelle Chriqui70 Emmanuelle_Chriqui emmanuelle-chriqui EmmanuelleChriqui_CS_954 Emmanuelle-Chriqui-29 emmanuelle-chriqui-1961-1600x1200 emmanuelle-chriqui-d0000C02C4bbf8cf81085 It's On With Alexa Chung

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