Back before the days of readily available porn I had to jerk it to MTV basically. Try getting hard and finishing in the three minutes it takes to start and finish a music video. Well, that’s what used to happen when a Christina Aguilera video came on; and it was never a problem. This chick got me rock hard, and she still does. Her Maxim photo shoot is one of my favorites of all time. Here’s a look back at the glory that was and still is XTina.

[pictures.4ever.eu] christina aguilera, xtina, singer, sexy 137299 224451-christina-aguilera 50786037_christina-aguilera2-gm_l5 1222052678 christina-aguilera-hot-814157995 christina-aguilera-sexy christina-aguilera-sexy1 christina-aguilera-sexy-dress Christina-Aguilera-Sexy-Photo-HD-Wallpaper christina-christina-aguilera-32724791-1024-768 s-x-christina-aguilera-sexy-hd-242189

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