Whack Off Wednesday – Jessica Dolan

Long time, no see, but a drinking session last night got me reinvigorated for the cause. Here’s a repost of a hot ass bitch who hasn’t exactly done porn, but she’s hot as hell. Jessica Dolan. One of my first posts and she continues to be my most popular post of all time. She stroked a little dick HJ-style on video and had that pussbox licked, but no penetration. Kinda weak as I wanna see that O-face as she’s getting slammed doggystyle, but in the meantime these pictures will have to suffice.

I say we get a kickstarter for $1mill to get this chick to do hardcore porn.

597058856 capture capture2 capture3 l l-1 l-2 l-3 l-4 l-5 l-7


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