Amanda Bynes Two Steps Away From Losing It

Amanda Bynes, dubbed the next Lindsay Lohan, might not be that far off. I’ve jerked off to Amanda Bynes. I’ve jerked off to Lindsay Lohan as well. But Bynes has, until more recently, been known as a good girl. Recently she has been threatened to be evicted from her apartment, gotten ticketed numerous times while driving and smashed into cars. This time though, she just goes out there and whores herself out:

I want @drake to murder my vagina

That is what she posted on Twitter. Now I have no problem with interracial relationships. Some of my best JO sessions have been to about seven black dudes banging a skinny white chick. However, this is pretty raunchy. You don’t even see stuff like that on pornstar Twitter accounts. If I was @drake I’d definitely hit that.

imgAmanda Bynes8

Follow her descent into madness @AmandaBynes

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