Whack-Off Wednesday

I’d say Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, Stoners ‘n Boners-wise.  Nothing like scouring the Internet for pictures of hot pornstars. This week I’m going with newcomer Rikki Six. She has gotten on the scene and churned out video after video. She’s blond, big-titted and has a sexy look to her. See for yourself:

A6A3jwqCEAAMOBL A6F4FuvCMAANpeN rikki-six-photo-u1 tumblr_m8ezmg9Vsx1rcjoxco1_500 tumblr_mal3mqzjjj1qzabilo1_1280 who-is-rikki-six-is-star-or-no-star-rikki-six-celebrity-vote

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