Crazy Bitch Rides a Shark

I think 95% of the World is fuckin’ crazy. Fuck the ocean. I like boats and fishing and all that stuff, but fuck the ocean. Sharks will own all of our asses. If those motherfuckers grow legs and a taste for human flesh we are screwed. You can’t get me in the ocean. Anytime a shark wants it can just swim up and grab you. That’s their environment. I’ll wrestle a bear, fight a lion, but you won’t see me set foot in water. Here’s a video of some crazy chick leaving the cage to grab a ride on a Great White Shark. I mean, she doesn’t even have a SCUBA tank. What if she grabs a breath, swims down and grabs this thing, then as she heads up to grab a breath this thing turns around takes her ass down to the depths. She’s already out of breath. Crazy, man. Crazy.

And there’s also this. These people are crazy. I’d be paddling the hell out of there.

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