Phat Tuesday

This is our first Phat Tuesday and I got tons of hot chicks representin’. Obviously I tend to like the big boobs, but I got no problem with a slender woman. Send me those pics of slender chicks if you got ’em…

sqn0bUe sports-bras-13 sports-bras-0-e1360608474215 selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_1 Screen-Shot-2013-02-07-at-10.55.38-AM Screen-Shot-2013-02-04-at-4.35.46-PM sara-underwood-gif-1 pictures_of_the_day_12 lacey_banghard_mix_shoot_3 kendall_jenner_pacsum kate-upton-2013-swimsuit-issue_640_480_s_c1_center_top_0_0 gorgeous-flbp-girls-65 gorgeous-flbp-girls-64 gorgeous-flbp-girls-62 gorgeous-flbp-girls-60 gorgeous-flbp-girls-58 gorgeous-flbp-girls-30 gorgeous-flbp-girls-20 gorgeous-flbp-girls-8 gorgeous-flbp-girls-3 gorgeous-flbp-girls-1 elisha-cuthbert-maxim daily_gifdump_18 c864c63e7eeac8e29bf55984e489c794_TEMP 577386_10151896426005004_1672097351_n



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