Beyonce Is Sexy

So basically, the rumor going around is that Beyonce’s PR people are going around saying to stop posting pictures of her that are unflattering from her Super Bowl performance. Obviously the Internet would do the exact opposite. Not that anyone looks at this site, but here are some of the best photoshopped pics of her from the Super Bowl:

9VTYHQ2-650x464 internet-makes-fun-beyonce-halftime-photos-photoshop-10 internet-makes-fun-beyonce-halftime-photos-photoshop-19 internet-makes-fun-beyonce-halftime-photos-photoshop-20 internet-makes-fun-beyonce-halftime-photos-photoshop-23 internet-makes-fun-beyonce-halftime-photos-photoshop-29 internet-makes-fun-beyonce-halftime-photos-photoshop-30 pictures_of_the_day_13

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