A Bunch of Fails

I’m still coming up for a way to post these, but I think I’m going to store all my favorite fails up over the week and make a “Fail Friday” post. Here they are:

We start off with this unflattering picture of Beyonce. Normally I wouldn’t post things like this, but rumor has it Beyonce’s PR people are trying to get these pictures pulled from the Internet. I’m hoping they’ll hook me up with some cash if I agree to.


I would still bang this hipster chick even if she doesn’t swallow.

I bet this teacher got fired.


Man, girls are crazy. I don’t trust anything that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die.


Man, ain’t this the truth. Chicks can wear the most scantily clad outfits ever, but I loves me a good skeezer. Just sittin’ around in their sweatpants, messy as hell, but still lookin’ good. Summer time, they slap on a nice pair of boy shorts…. mmmmm….


Shouldn’t have parked there…


You can’t handle the truth!


Yea guy, nice sign.


I like “The Dumper” written right next to the proposal. Are those doors made of chalkboard material?


Nice fox onesie, douche!


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