Hottest Chicks of 2012?!?!?!

HollywoodTuna, a site I frequent for celeb news geared towards dudes, has released their top 10 Babe of 2012. Below is the list.

10-Micaela Schaefer
9-Hayden Panettiere
8-Ashley Tisdale
6-Selena Gomez
5-Sara Jean Underwood
4-Christina Hendricks
3-Miley Cyrus
2-Kate Upton
1-Victoria Justice

What do you think? I’ve got Underwood, Upton and Panettierre as my top 3 probably. Panettierre seems to have gotten some tasty looking impants and I’ve got Tisdale higher too probably. Rihanna ain’t bad, but that hair doesn’t do it for me. Miley looks good from time to time, but I’m not feeling her new ‘do either. I’m always down for chick lists though.

Courtesy of HollywoodTuna

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