WTF – Sugar Daddy Dating Site?!? is a site where chicks can basically apply to be “sugar babies” for older dudes with cash. “In 2012, 285 women from New York University enlisted to see if they could receive extracurricular perks from meeting men on the site,” reports  New York Daily News. These bitches got it good. The Daily News reports that “most college women seek an allowance of around $3,000 a month”. $3K a month?!?! Damn, that’s cheddar. But let’s talk about this. These girls are basically prostitutes, right? I mean the dudes aren’t shelling this cash out just to help the girl out. They expect things in return, no? Some of these dudes even offer $20K a month. I ain’t gay, but for $20K a month I’d start some negotiating…




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