UPDATE – Football Picks

I went 2-2 in my first football picks of the season and won some cash with a double over parlay for the Sunday games. Seattle/Atlanta was over 46 1/2 and Houston/New England was over 50. $25 got me $65. Not bad, it made up for yesterday’s parlay, Baltimore +9 1/2, Green Bay on the moneyline and Seattle on the moneyline which lost me $10. I wish I could touch on the games somewhat, but a drunk weekend at Miller’s has me “browning out” for most of the games.

I think I may have been the only one in the world who picked the Ravens to win. People underestimate what Ray Lewis means to the Ravens and I said it last week, the Ravens are gonna make one last run for him. Kaepernick might be the fastest man alive. The Falcons are back. Brady never left. This is what I’ve gathered of the games so far.

On a side note, the hotties were workin’ at Millers in LTown once again. There was serious gap goin down. I am surprised that this place is only crowded on a Friday or Saturday night. If it was just a little bit closer I’d be there everyday. $5.50 pitchers of Miller Lite and you can almost always find a hot bartender, if not three, workin’. The eye candy is welcomed. Not many hot chicks hanging out there, though. I guess I need to stop day-drinking; or hot chicks need to START day-drinking.

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