Sexy Rexy Comes Clean About Sanchez Tattoo

Rex Ryan, coach of the New York Jets, has admitted to having a tattoo of his wife bearing a Mark Sanchez jersey on his right arm.

“I know what you’re thinking: Obviously, if Sanchez doesn’t play better that number is changing,” Ryan said, smiling.

This guy is the craziest, most oblivious son of a bitch in the United States of America. He keeps on chirpin’ about how great his team is and what a great coach he is, but he has yet to back up his claims. If you are a Jets fan, I, as a member of Big Blue Nation, will gladly welcome you to our side. The way he handled the quarterback situation this season is embarrassing. I’m not saying Tim Tebow is Peyton Manning, or even Ryan Tannehill, but the guy is a winner. He took over last season in Denver, got them to the playoffs and even won a playoff game. Sanchez was decent a few years back when they could run the ball and they had defense, but to trade for Tebow and not play him, despite being out of the last few games, is ridiculous. He had a chance to go somewhere else and at least have a chance. His numbers were absolutely dreadful last season, but he won. Some guys just make the players around them better and Sanchez has shown he is not one of those guys. Anyways, like Fireman Ed, I would jump ship as long as Ryan is head coach. His love affair with Sanchez is going to doom you for next season too.

From FoxSports

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